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  • Rooms from 90zł (breakfast included) when reserving via phone or email.

We would like to invite you to pay a visit to Podkowa Inn (Włodawa, ul. Kraszewskiego 3). We recommend our cuisine derived from various cultures, especially the Three Cultures Włodawa is known for.

We offer a delicious breakfast, dinner and supper and a set lunch of the day for every pocket. You will spend an enchanting evening in a pleasant, unique atmosphere surrounded with odds and sods which fulfil the atmosphere.

In our tasteful rooms ,we offer comfort. We have a bar, an internet connection and many parking spaces. We also organize parties and we offer catering and a conference hall.

The wedding night in the Blue Suite.

If you are planning an original gift, you can present your loved ones with a romantic supper in the attic room and a night in the Blue Suite. The decorations will be suited to the occasion.

Phone: (+48) 503 626 888
Account number: 64 1090 2835 0000 0001 4497 8673 (Santander Bank)

Open every day: 9 am to 12 am (Monday to Friday)
12pm to 2 am (Saturday)
12pm to 12 am (Sunday)
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